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Hi, my name is Kiera Clary.

I graduated high school, ranked #9 out of 625 with an Advanced Regents Diploma and Mastery in Math and Science with a Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish. I was a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, a Student Athlete mentor and continuous volunteer in my community. As the first generation in my immigrant family to attend college, I dreamed of attending my dream school which I was able to attend. However, the institution does not grant a large amount of scholarships to transfer students and my family is not eligible to take out the Parent Plus Loan due to their status. This has been one of my largest worries and concerns which has taken a large toll on me and my father, if my father was eligible he would have supported me all the way through my college career. Due to the financial hardship that would be on me and my family, I am transferring to a SUNY/CUNY institution which I qualify for the Excelsior Scholarship for the rest of my college career. The situation is that I still have to pay off the rest of cost of attendance, tuition, and any cancellation fees from the previous institution.

My financial hardships come from a history of events that have occurred in my life. My mother passed away of Ovarian Cancer when I was 15; she contributed to my family’s income and health insurance. After her death, my father lost his medical insurance that was provided by my mother’s employer. Along with losing a loved one, we lost income in our household and now medical expenses for my father’s health have been added. He has Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and a history of High Cholesterol. To maintain his health, he has to pay for his medical appointments, blood work, medical prescription, and his diabetic test strips every 3 months. As well, our income decreased when my father’s previous job of 17 years closed in 2018. Hopefully, he was able to find a new job but that was minimum wage is lower than what he used to make. These hardships have been my source of motivation to pursue a college degree. My parent took a risk coming to the U.S. for me to have a better life and the least I can do is to pursue my education and make them proud.

Therefore, I would be extremely grateful to those who can donate any amount to my Debtgogo. Any amount, even a dollar, is extremely appreciated and can make a huge difference. I am simply a hard-working and determined student that wants to continue on to higher education and graduate from college to pursue a career in medicine. Please help out and share this with all your friends and family, even on your social media accounts, to spread the word.

Thank You So Much!!! From me and my father.

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