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On Thursday August 28 Andrew was driving in the parking lot coming from work, but due to another driver’s RECKLESS driving, he got into an accident and was swerved into a tree. He was driving down the main road within the plaza when another car decided to drive THROUGH the intersection. The car next to mine was able to break in time and avoid collision, but also lead to the reckless driver to hit mine.
I am only a full time college student, paying for rent at home, working at a minimum wage job with no financial help . Andrew and I spent the entire summer working, taking ubers , lyfts, and hitching rides from coworkers and family to save money and get over $3000 to repair this car that we’ve been sharing to get ourselves around. Over the past few months of not being able to drive it this summer, I cancelled my insurance to save more money to get the final fix on my car just a few days before school began. I am currently several hundred dollars in debt with school books that are still needed. I currently still do not have insurance due to my financial instability and are looking to you for help.
The other driver was upset, claiming bodily injury and are pushing to go to court. We were able to get witnesses to testify for us but because my car was uninsured we will not be able to fight it in court leading us to pay for any hospital bills and car fixes which we can’t afford…Anything will help. This woman destroyed the first car I’ve ever bought. For two years I worked tirelessly from job to job and even took a semester off from school to save enough for it, and now I am back to square one. We are both juniors in college, we work honest for our money, and are looking for financial help, guidance, and prayers as we endure this hard time. Thank you.


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