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Recent Project

Virgin Vegan I Ready To Eat Vegan Foods

  • By Janet Burwell
$45,000 raised of $50,000 goal
90.00% funded
20 remaining days

Helping Families Displaced By CA. Wildfires

  • By The 300 Team
$2,000 raised of $20,000 goal
20.00% funded
100 remaining days

300 Films I Building Our Own Black Media

  • By Deri Wright
$500,000 raised of $1,000,000 goal
5.00% funded
68 remaining days

Web Design School For Teenagers

  • By Janet Burwell
$8,000 raised of $16,000 goal
51.00% funded
32 remaining days

Black Women Business Society

  • Tina Seaward
$900 raised of $20,000 goal
9.5.00% funded
74 remaining days

Nonprofit Barber School

  • By Charles D. McCoy
$3200 raised of $10,000 goal
32.00% funded
15 remaining days

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Ray Combs

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